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Tony Esteves is a dynamic keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who will leave your audience wanting more.

He speaks to professionals about the importance of face-to-face communication today and teaches communication skills. As Tony is also a circus performer, he often uses juggling in his presentations.
His workshops are highly interactive and leave participants with practical tools.

Tony is a contributing author for the book  Big Ideas For The Big Stage – A grassroots guide that provides information, advice and insider tips to becoming a better speaker and presenter. Talk2MorePeople – A Playful Guide on How to Meet People will be published early 2020.

Inspirational Facilitator Tony Esteves speaking in Buffalo, New York, USA

Facilitator Tony Esteves speaking in Buffalo, New York, USA


I never thought that juggling could be used to give a powerful lesson. I was thrilled and challenged during the final keynote address to reflect and take not one, not two, but three ‘balls’ with me to my work. I left the conference inspired to bring forth the change agent in me for the benefit of others.

Audience member at the ACRE conference in South Africa.


LOOKUP: How To Meet People to Expand Your Network

Once you learn how to LOOKUP and become aware of the opportunities that surround you in your daily life, immeasurable benefits, both personally and professionally fall into place. Connecting with new people in person is an often overlooked method of creating opportunities and this presentation teaches people how to do so.

Making connections with new people can be challenging in today’s ultra-connected world. It may seem that nobody has time or is even interested in doing so. However, research suggests the opposite is true.

A connecting expert, Tony Esteves, will illustrate to your team how easy it can be to expand their networks by making in-person connections with new people.

  • Discover how you can create new connections using simple proven tools
  • Experience the unpredictable benefits that come from face-to-face conversations
  • Find new potential with the people whom you meet in the room today
  • Learn how to juggle the conversation into a lead when you make a new connection
  • See the below video for a sample of Tony presenting at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in June 2015

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