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Tony Esteves is a dynamic keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who will leave your audience wanting more. A recent accomplishment was delivering the closing keynote at the ACRE Education conference in Pretoria South Africa.

He speaks to professionals about focus and the power of unexpected connections. He often uses juggling to illustrate how to keep focus.
His workshops are both educational and inspirational.

Tony wrote the chapter, “Inspire Me” for the book  Big Ideas For The Big Stage – A grassroots guide that provides information, advice and insider tips to becoming a better speaker and presenter.

Inspirational Facilitator Tony Esteves speaking in Buffalo, New York, USA

Inspirational Facilitator Tony Esteves speaking in Buffalo, New York, USA


I never thought that juggling could be used to give a powerful lesson. I was thrilled and challenged during the final keynote address to reflect and take not one, not two, but three ‘balls’ with me to my work. I left the conference inspired to bring forth the change agent in me for the benefit of others.

Audience member at the ACRE conference in South Africa.


The Power of Unexpected Connections

Unexpected connections happen all the time and most often go unnoticed. But once you learn how to notice them, they can bring you immeasurable benefits, both personally and professionally.

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on great opportunities? Would you like instant access to the abundance of opportunities that currently surround you?

The Power of Unexpected Connections is an entertaining and interactive keynote presentation.

In this presentation audiences:

  • Experience an extraordinary journey based on the power of unexpected connections

  • Learn techniques to become aware of unexpected connections and how to benefit from tuning into them

  • Discover how to make use of these connections and to become noticeably more intuitive

  • See the below video for a sample of this keynote. This was a presentation for the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in June, 2015.




Take Risks To Take Off

Travel, explore and try many things. Discover what you love to do and do more of it. Your ideal life will surround you and magic will happen. But it does take work. There is no quick fix.

The Take Risks To Take Off keynote pushes audiences to challenge their own beliefs about their abilities.

In this presentation audiences:

  • Gain practical knowledge of how rewarding risk taking can be

  • Learn how to view challenges as opportunities instead of road blocks

  • Get inspired to see that life is what we chose it to be and that we are in the pilot seat


Amplify Your Focus

This interactive keynote address on amplifying your focus dazzles, entertains and informs audiences.
Focus is essential to reach maximum productivity on any team. Without it, you risk wasting time and valuable resources. Once you learn how to Amplify Your Focus, you and your team will start to produce at the high level you are capable of.
The art of juggling is used to illustrate the importance of where we focus our attention, as this can be either our biggest challenge, or our strongest virtue.

In this presentation audiences:

  • Learn how to embrace mistakes not only as acceptable, but as essential in business, innovation and life as a whole

  • Experience and apply techniques to analyze where their time and resources are going

  • Implement a practical process to accommodate change as a result of this analysis


Custom Keynotes

Tony is an accomplished storyteller who can craft the message that you need with a twist. If your organization needs to hear subject matter with specific content, contact us to share your needs so that we can co-create the most effective message for your team.

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