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Tony Esteves has delivered the following workshops to a wide range of organizations in Canada, the United States and South Africa. In common, they involve different types of play to teach leadership. Tony believes that we learn and retain new information most effectively when we are physically doing a playful activity.

Each workshop is ideal for 15-50 participants; larger groups can be accommodated. All equipment is provided.

Come play with us.

Strengthen Your Spin: Serving up CollaborationPing- Pong Paddles

Session Duration: 90 minutes, 120 minutes, half day, full day

How does it feel to work on a team where you hardly know the rules? Have you struggled to perform without the necessary tools? What does it take to get the right spin on the ball in order to achieve your objectives?

Ping-Pong brings people from all over the world together to play. An Olympic sport since 1988, it has seen exponential growth in pop culture in  the last decade. In this highly interactive and insightful workshop, we explore the game of Ping-Pong and what lessons it can teach us about inter-departmental and inter-organizational collaboration.

Come prepared to play the game and discover how to target objectives (put the ball where you want it),  overcome obstacles strategically (get over the net in a way that serves you), and navigate change (adapt to uncertainty by using what you’ve got in hand and who you have on your team).

Outcomes: During this workshop participants will:

∞ Play in teams to specifically identify strengths so that they can be better collaborators and make greater contributions in their work
∞ Learn how to survive in situations where all of the rules are gone, and you have to use teamwork to succeed
∞ Experience a collaborative and entertaining introduction to the game of Ping-Pong


∞ Increased camaraderie with colleagues and therefore, increased productivity
∞ Take advantage of your unique spin on the ball to greater leverage your talents
∞ A clear perspective on how you can make a greater contribution in your workplace

Watch a brief VIDEO of this session as part of the Innovative Thinking Experience here.

The Joy of Good Focus

Session Duration: 90 minutes, 120 minutes, half day, full dayConsider Life a Juggling Act

Would your team benefit from having perfect focus? Without good focus we are powerless to produce the results that we desire and need. Typically too much time is wasted on meaningless tasks that keep your staff busy, but not productive.

Juggling is an activity that uses both sides of the brain, and is therefore both relaxing and meditative. It is a useful tool for learning, and provides many meaningful, memorable metaphors.
This interactive workshop allows participants to identify where they need more focus in their work, and offers a method to obtain it. People are taught juggling techniques, will work in pairs, and enjoy exercising both the mind and body. It leaves participants with new insights and practical skills that can positively enhance their lives and their professional productivity.

Outcomes: During this workshop participants will:

∞ Learn a unique way to focus through the art of juggling
∞ Have an opportunity to analyze and shift focus in their lives and work
∞ Be held accountable to implement fun, new skills and insights learned


∞ Save time by more effectively using your existing resources
∞ Experience crystal clarity about what is most important for you in life, work and other areas
∞ Enjoy reduced clutter in your mind and workspace

Check out this VIDEO of this workshop with the South Africa Springboks  Sevens national rugby team here.

Improvise Your Unexpected Connections

Session Duration: 90 minutes, 120 minutes, half day, full day

Unexpected connections happen all the time and most often, they go unnoticed. But once you learn how to notice them they can dramatically benefit you, both personally and professionally.
Would you like to stop missing out on the abundance of opportunities that surround you daily? Improvisational theatre is a fun, and easy way to achieve this.

Improvise Your Unexpected Connections is an entertaining, interactive workshop, where attendees are taught the basics of improvisational theatre, and how using these can directly allow professionals to access the unexpected connections that surround them.
 This is not only for extroverts —  anyone can participate and benefit from these tricks and techniques, and no prior experience is necessary.

Outcomes: During this workshop participants will:

∞ Have discussions about the power of unexpected connections, leading to implementation
∞ Group performances and laughter while learning practical life- and work-skills
∞ Experience a collaborative and entertaining introduction to improv activities


∞ Become more open to opportunity
∞ Benefit from taking your own advice
∞ Allow unexpected connections to move your career or life forward

Check out a VIDEO of this workshop at the Journey Creativity Retreat in California here.

Image Streaming

Session Duration: 90 minutes, 120 minutes, half day, full day

Based on the work of Dr. Win Wenger, get taken on a journey inside to utilize your own unconscious mind. There are countless techniques that allow individuals and groups to answer profound questions. These techniques have been proven to improve IQ and have countless applications. Please inquire for more information.

Outcomes: During this workshop participants will:

∞ Be given an outline of the Socratic Method and why Image Streaming works
∞ Taken step-by-step through the Image Streaming process
∞ Experience a new, groundbreaking technique to solve problems extremely efficiently


∞ Become more intuitive
∞ Learn how to understand and interpret your stream of consciousness
∞ Gain greater comprehension and control of your thoughts to move you forward

Thinking Of Change? Leverage The Creativity You Didn’t Know You Had

Did you start thinking about your dream business or idea because there was a sense that something was missing, or that there could be a more fulfilling way to earn a living? In this interactive session learn from a change expert how to utilize a powerful Creative Problem Solving technique that will allow you to implement the next stages of your idea. It does not matter what stage of the innovation or change process you are in. Participants leave this session with much more clarity and insights than they would expect!

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